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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The first interview

The very first interview I did with Don was on July 15, 2005, which happened to be a Friday. I'd asked for an interview already in May, but it had to be postponed all the time, because Slade's singer had just left the band and they had to rehears a lot with the new singer, Mal McNulty.
When Don finally had the time to do the interview he surprised me with wanting to do it at my home. I've interviewed several national and international celebrities over the years, but Don was the first one to ever come to my house to do an interview. Well, for several reasons we agreed that it would be the most convenient, so around noon on July 15, Don and his Danish lady Hanne came to my house.
In the 1970's I had been a huge Slade-fan, so at first it was very strange indeed to have Don sitting in my living room. It didn't take many minutes, though, then it seemed quite normal and a warm, pleasant atmosphere emerged - it is still there.
When Don and Hanne showed up, we immediately went outside to do some shots as we were supposed to get thunder and rain during the afternoon. Outside I took about 15 photos of Don after which he politely volunteered to carry my tripod with the camera upstairs to my living room. We sat down and had a few sandwiches and chatted a bit, before the interview started synchronously with the thunder and rain.
After the interview I took another 40 photos of Don in my house, and Hanne kindly acted the photographer on some photos of Don and me outside, when the rain had stopped. We then chatted some more, and Don left me 2 pairs of drumsticks, before he and Hanne were off again.
Below you can read the unedited interview.


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