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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A September interview

On a cloudy Tuesday in September I went over to Don's place in Danish town Silkeborg to do another interview. Don and Hanne picked me up at the station and took me to their home. We had an excellent lunch and afterwards Don and I retreated to do the interview.
This one was to be used for some on-line bios, both Danish and international, and we really got deep into the early years of Don's career up until the heydays of Slade. I have absolutely no idea how long we talked, but after several pots of camomile tea and a heavy dose of sweets, time caught up with us. Don and Hanne had invited me to the dress rehearsal of the play "Oliver T." at the Team Theatre in the town of Herning that evening, so eventually we had to stop. I was running out of tape for my Dictaphone, anyway!
We didn't do a photo-session this time, as Don provided me with some old photos of him from his childhood and early years in Slade. But Hanne swooped in from the kitchen to do some pics of Don and me talking. Thanks, Hanne!
Below you'll see the September 2005 interview in full.


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