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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


In May 2005 I started a blog on Slade. Here you can find all sorts of Slade-related stuff such as biographies, concert reviews, reviews of books, videos and music etc. and also some interviews with Slade-drummer Don Powell. It can however be difficult manoeuvring on a blog and I found that despite links and indexes many readers were at a loss when trying to find those Don Powell-interviews. I've therefore decided to gather them all here on this blog. Dive into the archives (left) for old interviews (2005 and on).
I'll still publish short, edited interviews on my Slade-blog, but on this Don Powell-blog you'll find the long, unedited versions. Well, not totally unedited, come to think of it. I've left out most of the fits of laughter (many of them mine), the private/confidential remarks and then the comments from various family members.
Anyway, notice that it can be tedious work reading unedited stuff as I often have to ask the same questions and Don has to give more or less the same answers. We do it anyway, as I need different "takes" for different papers and magazines. Consider yourself warned!
As a "bonus" for those of you who read Danish I've uploaded images of the actual articles on Don that I've had published in various Danish papers and magazines. All articles are based on the interviews. Enjoy!


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